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The St Canice's school newsletter is emailed fortnightly on a Monday afternoon and is archived below to read at your convenience.  

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It is important that parents and carers read the newsletter and all notes carefully, as they are valuable sources of information about events within our school community. They are also another means of communication between school and home.


  Newsletter 2019 Term 1 Week 10

In this issue: A message from the Assistant Principal, Dance Fever, Lemony Lent Mufti Day, Guessing Competition, Colour Competition, First Reconciliation, Birthdays, Kinder News, Bubble Day, SAS, Uniform, Attendance Matters, Morning Access, Enrolments, Harmony Day, Whats On


  2019 Newsletter Term 1 Week 8

Stage 1 Excursion, Camp Yarramundi, Harmony day, Bubble Day, Cross Country, Change of Details, Mr Geerligs, S@S, Uniform, Attendance, Ms Catherine, Birthday, Sports

  2019 Term 1 Week 6

Open Day, Camp Yarramundi, Katoomba Cascades, Enrolling Now for 2020, Harmony Day, Opal Card, Access to School Newsletter, Mrs Friend's Preschool Reading Group, S@S, Uniform, Attendance, Communicating Grievance and Complaints

  2019 Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

In this Issue: Swimming Carnival, School Photo Day, Stage 3 Excursion, Opal Card, S@S Request, S@S, Uniform Attendance, Open Day and upcoming events.

  2019 Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

In this Issue: Whole School Mass, Welcome New Students, Congratulations, Swimming Carnival, Opal Card, School Uniform, Medical Alert, Preschool Reading Group, S@S Request, Uniform, Newsletter / Calendar, St Columba's Info Night, Attendance

  2018 Term 4 Week 10

Week 9 Events, Mrs Byrnes, Flowers for Graduation, Mary Aikenhead Award, Year 6 Graduation Mass, Mini Vinnies, S@S, Uniform, Bodington Visit

  Term 4 Week 8 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Update, Staffing for 2019, Mrs Byrnes and Mr Rooke, Gold Award, Year 6 Graduation, School Concerts, Attendance Reminder, 2019 Team Representative Nominations, School Calendar, Bell Times, Dates to Remember & moe...

  2018 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

In this issue: Stage 2 Excursion, Kinder 2019, Uniform, Attendance Matters, Mini Vinnies, Opal Cards, Mrs Painter, Remembrance Day, Kindergarten

  Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter 2018

In this issue: Message from the Principal, Mass Times, Kinder 2019, Uniform Sale, Mini Vinnies, Birthday Celebrations, Opal Cards, School Calendar, School Bell Times, Community News and much more.....!

  Newsletter 2018 Term 4 Week 2

In this issue: Message from the Principal, Kinder 2019, School Music Festival, Uniform Sale, Birthday Celebrations, Opal Cards, School Bell times, School Calendar, Community News and much more....!

  Newsletter 2018 Term 3 Week 10

In this issue: Swamp Fest, Changes, Totem Song, Mufti & Disco, Gymnastics, The School Dentist

  2018 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Swamp Fest, Confirmation, WYD Raffle, Spring Fair, The School Dentist, Sleepout

  2018 Term 3 Week 6

In this issue: Voice of Youth, Father's Day Stall, A Fiver for a Farmer, Book Week, PJ Day, Nut Free, Year 6 Sport Shirts, Survey, Birthday Wishes, Spring fair

  2018 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

In this Issue: A Fiver for a Farmer, PJ Day, Winter Sleepout, Basketball, AFLO, Book Week, Reading Group, Zone Athletics Carnival, Geography and Science, Stage 2 Excursion

  30th July 2018, Term 3 Week 2

In this issue: Principal's Address, School Totem Song, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleepout, Japanese Exchange Students, NAPLAN Trial, NSW Premiers Reading Challenge, Calendar of Events, Community News & more...

  Term 2 Week 10 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Address, Enrolling for 2019, Stage 2 Totem Clean Up Day, S@S 2018, Mini Vinnies, Attendance Reminder, Farewells, Japanese Student Visits, Premier's Reading Challenge, Upcoming Events, Community News & more...

  2018 Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Update, Attendance, Stage 2, School Volunteers, Sport News, Skoolbag App, Wrtie for Fun, Photography Competition, Uniform, AFLO, Supervision, Head Lice, Community Update & much more.....

  2018 Term 2 Week 6

Principal's Update, Attendance, Super Pollinators Incursion, School Fees, International Family Day, Athletics Carnival Photos, Premiers Reading Challenge, Photography Competition, Dates to Remember, Community Updates & more...

  2018 Term 2 Week 4

In this issue: Principal's Address, 2019 Enrolments, TTFM Survey, Futsal, Attendance, St Canice's International Family Day, Scenic World Excursion, Premiers Reading Challenge, Sculptures at School Exhibition, Upcoming Events, Community News & more...

  2018 Term 2 Week 2

In this Issue: Mothers Day, ANZAC Day, SAS Excursion, AFLO, Student Teacher Visit, Birthdays, Child Protection, Diocesan Cross Country, Kinder Enrolment Evening, St Columba's Enrolment, SAS, Can you help? Opal Cards, St Canice's Fundraising

  2018 Newsletter Term 1 Week 10

Katoomba Live and Local, ANZAC Day, SAS, Attendance Matters, Sculptures at Scenic World, Uniform, Fundraising Raffle, Canice the Humpback Whale, What's on in our Community

  2018 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

In this issue: Principals Message, School Photo Day, Bio Blitz, Reading Group, Attendance Matters, Cross Country, Canberra Excursion, Uniform, Holy Week, SAS Volunteers, Live and Local, School Calendar, Bell Times, Head Lice, What's on in our Community, Helpful Hints

  2018 Newsletter Term 1 Week 6

In this issue: News from Mr White, Bush Dance, SAS, Catholic Schools Week, School Photos, Community Service Award, The National Young Leaders Day, Birthdays, Reminders

  2018 Term 1 Week 4

In this issue: Special Announcement, Swimming Carnival, Mini Vinnies Wednesday, Whole School Mass, Catholic School Week, Ensemble Performance, Gold Award Assembly, School Photos

  2018 Term 1 Week 2

Newsletter & Calendar, MAI Assessment, Assessments, Parish Priests, Attendance Data, Meet & Greet, Swimming Carnival, Nut Free Please, Social Justice Workshop, Writers Club, First Holy Communion, Uniform, Birthdays, Opal Card, Reminders, KOOSH, School Banking

  2017 Term 4 Week 9 Newsletter

2017 Term 4 Week 9 Newsletter

  2017 Newsletter Term 4 Week 7

The Term 4 Week 7 Newsletter contents include information about upcoming events

  Newsletter 2017 Term 4 Week 5

St Canices Ensemble, Stars in the Street, Mountains to the Sea, Mission Week, Student Leader Applications, St Columba's Orientaation Day, Soccer Clinic, Financial Literacies, Farewell Sr Colleen, Parish Dinner Party, Crazy Mufti Day

  Newsletter 2017 Term 4 Week 3

Farewell Sr Colleen, Mission Week, St Columba's Orientation, Mountains Soccer Clinic, Spooky Snack Day, A Thought From Fr Eugene, Cyber Safety, Ensemble, My School Lunchbox, Mountains To The Sea

  2017 Newsletter Term 4 Week 1

Farewell Sr Colleen, Cold Weather Policy, Term 4 Gymnastics, Kindergarten 2018, St Columba’s Orientation, School Phone Number, Spooky Snack Day, Mini Vinnies, Ensemble, Found Items, Preschool Storytelling

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Gold Awards, Pupil Free Day, Summer Uniform, Gymnastics, Kindergarten 2018, Tidy Playground, Fathers Day Stall, Stage 3 Learning Showcase, Stage 1 Excursion, Found Items, St Columba's Orientation, Cello Concert

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

Book Week, Winter Disco, What if my child is sick? Milo Cricket Gala Day, NAPLAN, Fathers Day Stall, Preschool Storytelling, Volunteer, Blue Mountains Basketball, Calmsley Hill, Head Lice, Phone Number Change, CEDP News

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 5

In our Prayers, Pyjama Day, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleep Out, Zone Athletics Carnival, Basketball Gala Day, School Disco, Donations for Fathers Day, Preschool Storytelling, Seussical, Calmsley Hill Excursion, Voice of Youth, New Phone Number, NAPLAN, Grandparents Day, Book Parade

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

Japanese Students, Farewell Father Ted, Voice of Youth, Winter is Here, Reminder, Reducing our Rubbish, Milo T20, School Disco, Donations for Fathers Day, Preschool Storytelling, Stage 2 Dream Designs, Pyjama Day, School Banking, School Uniform, Zone Athletics, Grandparents and Book Parade, Family Event

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

Preschool Storytelling, Fathers Day Stall, Basketball Gala Day, Milo T20 Cup, Zone Carnival, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleep Out, Student Banking, School Disco, Japanese Students, Plastic Bag Free Month, Absentee Letters, Contact Details, Reminder to parents, Second Hand Uniform

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

Opening of SAS, SAS Exhibition Open, Help Help Help, Snowing?, Parent Teacher Interviews, So Long, Farewell, Visiting Students, Term 3 Dates, Cross Country, Preschool Storytelling, Attendance Data, RE News, Bell Times, 2017 Fees, Absentee Letters, Second Hand Uniform

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 7

SAS Opening, Canice, What can we do to help our whale Canice, Host Families, Congratulations, Parent Teacher Interviews, Totem Cleanup, Term 3 Pupil Free Day, Attendance Data, St Columba's Enrolment, Preschool Storytelling, Collection Finished, Reminder to Parents, Yellow Ribbon, Absentee Letters, Sport News

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

Kinder 2018 Information Night, Car Parking Issues, Sculptures @ School, Schools Annual Review, Chromebooks, Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Campaign, Preschool Storytelling, St Columba's Enrolments, No String Ensemble this Friday, Attendance Percentage, Attendance Letters, Mothers Day Stall

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

Scenic World Sculptures, 2018 Enrolments, Welcome to New Families, Attendance Percentage, Naplan, Mothers Day Stall, Sacrament of Confirmation, Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Campaign, 

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

Anzac Day March, Scenic World Excursion, How to Subscribe, New Stage, Winter Uniform, Enrolment Time, Measles Notice, NAPLAN 2017, 2017 School Fees, NSW Premiers Reading Challenge, Preschool Storytellingynopsis goes here...

  2017 Newsletter Term 1 Week 9

School Cross Country, Daylight Savings, First Holy Communion, Quality Catholic Schools Survey, Pupil Free Day, Winter Uniform Changeover, Enrolment Time, NAPLAN, School Photo Day, Student Attendance

  2017 Newsletter Term 1 Week 7

Assistant Principal News, CAtholic Schools Week, SAS Progress, Stage 3 Camp, Gold Awards, Ash Wednesday Mass, Bush Dance, 2017 School Fees, Cross Country, Reminder to Parents, School Photo's Date, Head Lice, Absentee Notes, Thank you, National Leaders Day

  2017 Newsletter Term 1 Week 5

Principals News, Nepean Zone Swimming, Ash Wednesday, Bush Dance Rescheduled Date, National Leaders Day, Gold Award Assembly, Catholic Schools Week, Bees Wax Wrap, Cross Country Notes

  2017 Newsletter Term 1 Week 3

School Merit System, School Attendance, Every Leaner Every Day, Partial Attendance, Communicating Complaints and Grievances, Meet and Greet, Photos at school, Supervision, Sandwich wraps, Plastic Collection, Royal Commission, Parent Liaison, First Holy Communion

  2017 Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

Welcome, Assessments, Attendance Data, Reusable Beeswax Wrap, Plastic Bottle Top Collection, Meet and Greet, School Uniform, Swimming Carnival

  2016 Term 4 Week 9 Newsletter

Special Thank you, 2017 Student Leaders, School Disco, Santa's Workshop, Talent Quest, Stage 1 Play, End of Year Mass, Christmas Stall, Year 6 Graduation Mass, Blackheath Carols, Music and Italian Concert

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 7 2016

Teaching Staff 2017, Stage 2 Classes, New Website, Visit from Mr White, End of year reports, Final Gold Awards, Attendance, Student Leadership, Uniform Shop Last Day, Dress up day, Overdue library books

  2016 Term 4 Week 5 Newsletter

Kinder Orientation Day, World Teachers Day, Gymnastics, Change in travel,

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 1

AP Position, UBMMF, School Calerndar, New Students, Parent Body BBQ, Ensemble Performance, Staff Development Day, Gymnastics, Tree Removal, Before and After School Care, Signage, Plastic Bottle Tops and Toothbrushes, KOOSH

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Final Newsletter for Term, School Planner Calendar, String Orchestra, Parent Body BBQ, Maggie & the Pirates play, Student Banking Awards, On-Going used Stamp Project, Royal Commission, Child & Youth Plan, Birthday Wishes

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

Mini Olympics Day Peer Review School Goals Parent Body Meeting Keep Us Up To Date Volunteers & Visitors Father's Day Stall Responsible Pet Education Fun Dress Ups

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 5

Welcome back Miss Bennett, Japanese student visit, Voice of Youth, Basketball Gala Day, Nepean Zone, Milo Cricket, Olympic Fun Day, Open School, Parent Body Meeting, Sport News, Fathers Day Stall,

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

Grandparents Day, Voice of Youth, Japanese Students, Miss Bennett's Pilgrimage, New Signage, Fathers Day Stall, Pyjama Day, School Calendar, Mary Aikenhead Day, Nepean Athletics Zone

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

World of Maths, Friday Visit, Mary Aikenhead Feast Day, Election BBQ< UBMMF, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleepout, Sponsorship, Nepean Zone Athletics Carnival, Student Banking, Gold Awards

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

SAS, Athletics Carnival, Last Day Term 2, First Day Term 3, School Calendar, WYD Intentions, Student Banking, School Interviews, Gold Awards, Caterpillar Cafe and Art Work Sales, Head Lice, Dropping off Children in Driveway

  What's on this week

Parent Body Meeting, Athletics Carnival, Violin and String Ensemble cancelled, Parent Teacher Interviews, SAS, Host families needed

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 7

Mini Vinnies,Japanese Visitors, S@S invitation, Our Totem, Reports, WYD, Crazy sock day, Colouring in competition, Athletic Carnival Notes, Student Banking, Library News.

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

Executive Director for Schools Visit, Fun Sock & Shoe Day, Can you Help?, Newly Elected Parent Body, Japanese School Visit, St Canice's String Ensemble Gig, Athletics Carnival, St Columbas Yr 7 2017 Enrolments, Whooping Cough Alert

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

Welcome Bishop Vincent Van Nguyen, Information Evening, Family Activity Afternnoon, Family Mass, Student Banking, Uniform Price Increase, NAPLAN, Parent Body AGM, Diocesan Cross Country, Soccer Gala Day

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

ANZAC Dat, SAS 2016, 2017 Kinder Enrolments, Newsletter Changes, Mothers Day Stall, Farewell Ms Gillespie, Welcome Mr McDermott, Parent Body AGM, NAPLAN, Stage 3 Greek Theatre

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 11

First Holy Communion, Anzac Day, SAS, Enrolment for Kinder, Newsletter Changes, Parent Body, Greek Theatre, Bubble Day, Bodington Visit

  Newsletter Week 9 Term 1

Holy Week Prayer, Sign In Kiosk, Cross Country, Parent Body, Bodington Easter Visit, Quality Catholic Schools Project 2016, School Photo Day, Canberra Excursion, Jackeroo Ranch Horse Riding Camp, Katoomba Netball Club, Katoomba Hospital Fete, Childre

  Newsletter Term 1 Week8

Catholic Schools Week, Today Show, Canberra Excursion, Parent Body AGM, School Cross Country, Winter Uniform, Opal Card, School Photo Day, School Fees, Staff Development Day, St Patrick's Day

  Newsletter St Canice's Primary School

elcome to Catholic Schools Week, Canberra Excursion, The Today Show, Trivia Night, Cross Country, Colour to Win, Bus Number Changes, Opal Card, Winter Uniform, Mini Vinnies, Chalk Day, School Photo Day, Student Data 2016 Notification, Staff Developme

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 6

From the Principal, Sport News, National Young Leaders Day, Trivia Night, Stage 3 Canberra Excursion, Catholic Schools Week, Cross Country, Colour to Win, Daily Attendance, Student Data, Skoolbag.

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 5

Bush Dance, Student Data 2016 Notification, Late Arrivals and Early Departures, School Song CD, Student Banking, Daily Attendance, Trivia Night, Sport News,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

Parent Teacher Interview, Parent Body Meeting, Scenic World, Sculptures at School, Family Dance, Trivia Night, Gem Display, Prayer for Mr Lendvai, Head Lice, Skoolbag

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 3

Ash Wednesday, Student Leaders, Strings Program, Family Bush Dance, Trivia Night, Opal Card, Book Club, Parent Teacher Interviews, Head Lice

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

Bus Company Message, First Holy Communion, My School Lunch Box, Parent Teacher Interviews, Canberra Excursion, School Opal Card, Parent Planner Calendar, Swimming Carnival, Sport Days

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 11

From the Principal, Year 6 Graduation, Flowers Needed, Last School Day, One Tree per Child Project, Reminder of Day 1, 2016, Parish Dates for Christmas, Free Lunch Hotdog, Lost Jumper, Uniform for Sale, Hunt the Book over the Holidays, Swimming

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 10

Totem Ceremony, Christmas Stall, Dinosaur Museum, "C" Factor, Musical Concert, Whole School End of Year Mass, School Disco, Santa's Workshop, Monthly Family Mass, Missing Guided Readers

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 9

From the Principal, Christmas Stall, Student Leaders 2016, BBQ Fundraiser, Swimming Carnival 2016, Choir Performance,Classes for 2016, St Vincent dePaul Hampers, School Fees, Financial Transactions at Office, School Uniform, Years 1, 2 & 3 Plays

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 8

Mr Geerligs Photos, St Vincent dePaul Hampers, School Disco, Leadership Speeches, Needed small Jars, Parent Body BBQ Fundraiser, Library News, School Fees, Financial Transactions, Uniform Pick up

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 7

A Message from the Assistant Principal, Library News, Cake Stall, Guessing Competition, Fancy Dress Christmas Disco, School Leadership 2016, Small Jars Needed,

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 6

Coo-ee March, String Ensemble, Christmas Disco, Small Jars Needed, Cake Stall, KOOSH, Gold Awards

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 5

St Columba's Orientation Day, Library Stocktake, School Leadership 2016, Request from Sr Colleen, Head Lice, Cake Stall, Fit for School Photo and Video Permission Slip, Letter of thanks, Monthly Family Mass

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 4

Crazy Sock Day, Pilgrimage, Library Stocktake, Requests from Sr Colleen, School Leadership 2016, St Columba's Orientation Day, Captivate, No dogs at school, Late Arrivals, Early Dismissal, Cake Stall

  St Canices Newsletter

Term 4 Week 3

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Welcome Back, Staffing Position 2016, UBMMF, Kinder Orientation, Parent Body Meeting, Parent Calendar, Book Club, WYD Raffle Tickets, Late Arrivals, Absentee from KOOSH, Afternoon Dismissal, Christmas Disco, Student Banking, Birthday Wishes

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 10

School Holidays, School Prayer Assembly, Financial Audit, Parent Planner Calendar, WYD Raffle Tickets, Staff Development Day, be PArt of the Christmas Disco, KOOSH, Sacramental Journey , Skoolbag, Summer Uniform

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Peer Review, Fathers Day Stall, Parent Body Meeting, Bush Trackers Excursion, Whole School Assembly, Summer Uniform, WYD Raffle Tickets, Staff Development Day

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Fathers Day Stall, Raffle Tickets, Calmsley Hill Farm, Milo Cricket, National Literacy and Numeracy Day, St Canice's String Ensemble, Book Club Orders, Parent Body Meeting Postponed, Book Week Parade, Calmsley Hill Photos, Kaitlyn's Story

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

A message from the Principal, Fathers Day Stall, Raffle Tickets, Book Week Parade, St Canice's String Ensemble, Blu FM Stars, Milo T20 Blast School Cup, A note from Mrs vanderWalle, Book Week Parade, Extra Extra, Student Banking

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 6

Sr Colleen's Celebration, WYD Raffle Tickets, Donations for Fathers Day, Write a Book in a Day, The Gully Excursion, String Ensemble, Harmony Group, 3D Printer, Voice of Youth

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 5

From the Principal, String Ensemble, Voice of Youth, Donations for Fathers Day Stall, World Youth Day, Tree House Open, 3D Printer for St Canice's, Nepean Zone Athletics, Book Week Dress Up Parade

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

World Youth Day, Voice of Youth, Catholic Outlook, Mini Vinnies, Fundraiser, Sport Timetable, Sport News, Book Week Parade

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

From the Principal, Welcome Baby Moseley, Book Week, Small Swimming Pool Needed, Voice of Youth, Parent Body Meeting, Enrolling now for 2016, Sport and Fitness Timetable for Term 3, Sport News, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleep Out

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

Mr Geerligs Away, Mother Mary Aikenhead, Prayerful Celebration, UBMMF, Stage 2 Colonial Play, Sports Timetable, Literacy Corner

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

Welcome Back, Congratulations, RE News, Snow Policy, Thank you, CEO Notice

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

SAS, Vale, RAffle Winners, Mrs Nicol's Maternity Leave, Teacher Appointments, KOOSH, Musica Viva, Book Club Coordinator Needed, Mini Vinnies Winter Sleep Out, Zone Athletics, Staff Development Day, Kinder Visit,

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

Sculptures at School, A letter of Congratulations, Kindergartern Enrolments for 2016, ICAS Spelling, Muica Viva Incursion, No Craft Tomorrow, Happy Holiday

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

School Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews, Parent Body Meeting, Official Opening of SAS Exhibition, Bus Pass Inspection, Excursion to the Unknown Soldier, Return of Raffle Tickets, Responsible Pet Education, UBMMF, Unexplained Absences, Skoolbag

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 6

Sydney Writers Festival, Sculptures at School, Cake Stall, Raffle Tickets, Tohby Riddle Visit, Athletics Carnival, Crunch and Sip, Book Club, Remembrance Wall, Arrival and Departure, Gold Awards

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

Raffle Tickets, Can you help?, Student Banking, Teacher Appointments, NAPLAN, Artist in Residence, Stage 2 Excursion, Head Lice, Diocesan Cross Country, Stage 2 Soccer, Athletics Carnival, Cake Stall,

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 4

Computer Issues, Rememberance, Last Weeks Assembly, Cake Stall, Miss Magann on leave, Indoor Soccer Competition, NAPLAN, St Columba's Enrolments, Martin Chatterton Visit, ICAS, The Wall

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 2

ANZAC Day, Book Club, Mothers Day Stall, 2016 Kinder Enrolments, Lost Property, Social Media, My School Lunch Box, School Banking,

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

Easter Story Continues, Welcome Back, Our prayers and Condolences, ANZAC School Day, Industrial Action, Excursion to Scenic World, Dates to Remember, Easter Egg Raffle Winners,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 10

First Holy Communion, Holy Week Liturgies, Pupil Free Day, Election BBQ, New Fencing, Congratulations, Parent Planner Calendar, Milo Cricket, Mini Vinnies, Crazy Hair, Sock and Hat Day, Camp Yarramundi

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 9

Holy Week School Photo Day Camp Yarramundi QCS Survey Pupil Free Day ANZAC Ceremonies Congratulations 2016 Enrolments Open Mini Vinnies Raffle

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 8

Quality Catholic Schools, Blue Mts Music festival, School Open Morning, Facebook Page, Parent Body Meeting, Skoolbag App problem, 2016 Kinder Enrolments, School Photo Day, Lost Uniform, Stage 3 Camp, Primary School Soccer Gala Day, Lone Pine Park

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 7

Catholic Schools Week, Pupil Free Day Term 2, Quality Catholic Schools, 2016 Kinder Enrolments, Extra Curricula Activities, Cross Country, National Day against Bullying, Student Banking, 2015 State Election

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 6

Student Attendance at school, Violin Lessons, Catholic Schools Week, New Fence, Facebook, Visit, Book Club, S, Photo Date, Uniform Clothing Pool, 2015 State Election News, Sport News, Birthday Wishes, Mini Vinnies Easter Egg Raffle,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 5

The Chair of St Peter, Facebook, Family Bush Dance and BBQ, Milo in 2 Cricket, Zone Swimming Carnival, SAS Grant, Student Banking Coordinator, 2015 State Election News

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

RE News, Miloin2Cricket, String Instruments, Parent Body AGM, Emergency Drill, Diocesan Swimming, School CD, Winter Uniform Order, Uniform Clothing Pool, 2015 Photo Date, Recycle for your school, Congratulations, Student Banking Coordinator

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 7

Sculptures at School, Official Opening of the SAS Exhibition, Athletics Carnival, Cake Stall, Premiers Reading Challenge, Sr Colleen on Leave, Gold Awards Postponed, Public Holiday, School Reports, English Corner, Parent Teacher Interviews,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 3

Parent Teacher Interviews, Mathematical Assessment Interview, Government Changes to School Attendance, Photographs and Videos, Newsletter is Going Digital, Parent Helpers/Volunteers, Photo Day 26th March, Book Club, Swimming Club, Milo Cricket Skills

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

Welcome, Captivate, New Retaining Wall, Book Club, Student Banking, Swimming Carnival, Lorin Nicholson Incursion, Term 1 School Fees, 2015 Term Dates, My School Lunch Box, Recycle for your School,