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St Canice's Primary Katoomba is one of the best Catholic primary school in Sydney. Have a look at what we offer.

Personalised Learning

Every student is different and individual needs can vary greatly. As such, learning at St Canice's is personalised and caters to children with a range of needs. These include disabilities such as physical disability, impaired vision or hearing, intellectual disability, specific learning difficulties, behavioural and emotional needs, and communication/language disorders; to students who are newly arrived to Australia, and those that speak English only as a second language; through to those who achieve at levels well beyond their age.

Our teachers look at each student’s progress and provide personalised learning to suit their individual needs and abilities.

Literacy and numeracy is at the heart of our learning program and includes:

  • a focused literacy support program in K-6 (Focus160), and intervention programs for literacy (Reading Recovery) and numeracy (Extending Mathematical Understanding)
  • support for classroom teachers, in all classrooms using individualised programs
  • regular meetings with parents, Principal, class teacher, learning support teacher and relevant agencies.

Celebrating our Faith

St Canice’s is a Catholic primary school and as such, we are part of the Catholic community in Katoomba. We are supported by our Parish Priest and have access to St Canice's Church on-site.

Catholic values underpin all areas of the curriculum and school life. We provide a positive environment to support our students to grow in their own self-belief. We give them the confidence to cope with life challenges they might encounter. We instil in our students a sense of social justice, allowing them to reach out to others in their local and global community.

Wider learning opportunities

At St Canice’s, we know that learning doesn’t begin and end at school. And so we offer a range of extracurricular activities that offer our students the opportunity to enjoy life’s learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • For our budding sportsmen and women we give plenty of opportunities to participate in athletics, swimming and cross-country running at school, zone and diocesan level, and a range of sporting Gala Days, including basketball, indoor soccer, and cricket.
  • Public speakers and debaters can enter the Diocesan Voice of Youth public speaking competition.
  • Chess enthusiasts can compete in the Interschool and RSL Chess Competition.
  • School participation in our Sculptures at School (SAS) exhibition is a yearly highlight. The SAS links the arts with the English, Mathematics, and History and Geography syllabuses.
  • Musical opportunities with the choir, CAPTIVATE String Ensemble and ukulele group.
  • Our specialist music teacher is at our school once a week offering music lessons, as well as running choir and a ukulele group. She also has a group of five specialised students that perform at music functions throughout the Blue Mountains.
  • A second music teacher comes in to give string lessons to Years 3 and 4, and any other pupil who has a string instrument. Students also participate in the CAPTIVATE String Ensemble and perform at events locally, including Sculptures at School exhibition.
  • Budding linguists are catered for, with our Kindergarten to Year 6 Italian lessons taught by a qualified Italian teacher. The Kindergarten students are thrilled when they learn to count to 10 in Italian! We follow the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus for Italian.

Student Wellbeing

Our pastoral care for each student recognises their material, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. In regards to student wellbeing, we:

  • encourage home and school support with our Home/School Liaison Officer, and have a dedicated Parent/School liaison room
  • support students suffering grief or loss with our Seasons for Growth program
  • have a school counsellor on hand should the need arise, or if parents need additional support.


We recognise the importance of technology in our ever-changing world and have made it an integral part of our learning. We integrate the use of multimedia equipment into our learning and teaching. Equipment includes digital and video cameras, interactive whiteboards, current laptop computers, iPads and peripherals capable of multimedia use, as well as LCD screens and eLearning resources. Wireless IT is integrated into our contemporary classrooms, and we have a media workspace suitable for sound recording activities.


Our library presents an attractive and inviting entry to our school. It is well-resourced, with junior and senior fiction, and a wide range of non-fiction books.

Students visit the library with their class at least once a week to browse, borrow and return books. 

The library is also open for lunchtime activities such as dress-ups, art and craft relating to stories, and performing plays. Students have the opportunity to become library monitors and are responsible for helping to return books and keeping the library tidy.

Additional Facilities

The school also has access to the following facilities:

  • grassed playground, basketball court, handball courts, sandpits, cubbyhouse, shaded areas and play equipment, all of which is used to promote outdoor activities
  • a Parish hall which is used for music, sport, dance, liturgies and night time productions
  • an outsourced canteen company which promotes healthy, homemade meals. Orders are made online and delivered each Monday and Friday.

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